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Todd Curley


Introducing Todd Curley, D.D.S., our remarkable dental care provider in Murrieta who has earned his patients' trust over three decades. Dr. Curley has an extensive background in family Dentistry and holds a special place within his heart for serving veterans and the local community.

Graduating from Georgetown University dental school with a D.D.S. degree in 1986, Dr. Curley's journey towards excellence started long before that as he completed his undergraduate schooling at Cal Poly Pomona. Following Dental School, he selflessly dedicated four years of his life to the Navy, where he served as a Dentist, providing essential oral healthcare to those in need. Driven by compassion and dedication to helping others maintain optimal oral health throughout their lives, Todd Curley stands out as an esteemed member of the General Dental Council (U.S.A.).

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Dr. Curley is also known for being a loving father to three adopted children and recently celebrated becoming a proud grandfather. In addition to dentistry and family life, Dr. Curley finds joy in various hobbies that help him unwind from his busy schedule. He enjoys hiking, woodworking, and taking his dogs to the park when he is not working.

Entrust your smile to our experienced practitioner today and experience firsthand the expertise and genuine care that has defined Dr. Curley's illustrious career!


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